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Have you been looking for easy chicken coop plans so that you can accommodate any chicken that may wish to move in? More and more people have been starting to raise their own chickens in their backyards, even in the city. There are many cities that allow you have chicken, though the number of chickens may be restricted, you most likely can still have enough to produce eggs so that you can stop buying them. It seems as if every year my budget gets tighter and tighter so, I decided to find (or least I tried to find) easy chicken coop plans. What I mean by easy chicken coop plans is, plans for building a chicken coop that is easy to follow. My plan was to build a chicken coop then purchase some laying hens for their eggs in hopes to reduce my food bill. After weeks and weeks of looking for plans I finally did find a site called “Chicken DIY Guides” that had several plans to fit my needs. But before I get into the different plans there are some things you may wish to consider. small backyardSo you live in the city and want to, or are thinking about raising chickens? There are several questions you should ask yourself. Before you jump in and buy chickens and a coop or start building a chicken coop, there are things you should take into consideration as follows: 1. First and foremost, city and town ordinances, does your city or town allow you to have chickens and if so is there a restriction on how many you are allowed to have? You may be able to find your city or town ordinances here: Click Here. If you are allowed chicken then you’re good to go, and since most people are looking to raise chickens for their eggs, which is what I was mainly interested in doing, I am going to stick mainly to that aspect of raising chickens. If you are breeding them for meat you will require more space. 2. How large of an area do you have for a chicken coop, this will play a factor in how many chickens you will be able keep (over crowding chickens can have an effect on egg production) and how large of a chicken coop you will need to purchase or build. small chicken coopFirst things first, the happier your chickens are, the more eggs they will lay so, when it comes to finding the right chicken coop plans, it will depend on how many hens will be occupying the chicken coop. The chicken coop will be like a castle to the chickens it will be their home and they do not like being crowded. 3. Protection from predators will play a part on the type of chicken coop you will need to build. cyote The next thing you will need to consider, to keep your chicken’s stress free, is where you live and the predators that reside in your area. Those of you that live in the city may not have to deal with predators however, those of you who live in a rural area or out in the country with the closet neighbor being a few miles down the road, foxwill have to take the threat of predators seriously and into consideration when choosing chicken coop plans. (Remember a happy chicken will produce way more eggs then a stressed out one, and yes, chickens do get stressed out.) 4. Protection from the elements will also play a part in what type of chicken coop you will need to buy or build. Protection from the elementsIn northern climates you will need to take into consideration winters, how harsh are they? Will their water freeze? On the other hand if you live in the desert, how will they do in the middle of summer when temperatures rise above 100 degrees. 5. Whether purchasing or building a chicken coop, keep in mind convenience of cleaning the coop as well as retrieving eggs. easy to clean coopOne thing many people do not think about is the convenience of cleaning the coop and convenience of collecting eggs. How much smell and odor that comes from having chickens will depend on how well the coop is maintained and cleaned. 6. What type of chicken will meet your needs? chicken breedsThere are many, many different breeds available, some are just for show, some are for eggs, some are for their meat, chicken breeds and there are some that combines all three into one. When it comes to chicken coop plans visit chicken breedsChicken DIY Guides for plans and designs to meet anyone’s needs. They are plans that are complete and very easy to follow.

by Miriam Rolling – poultry farmer